Company Profile

Instant Billions Global Cayman Group is a professional asset management company dedicated to delivering investment management services to clients around the world.

We have a strong focus in innovative alternative investments currency arbitrage trading as well as multi-managers portfolio management.

As a growth-oriented company  we make the best of our extensive experience and expertise to provide superior financial services and products to high net worth individuals and corporations.

Our range of diversified products give clients access to different strategies that can deliver the risk and reward to meet their financial goals.

An income and growth fund that aims to provide regular income and capital growth

  • Attractive investment opportunity in Cayman equity market
  • Focus on attractive dividend yielding security + future dividend leader

Mission Statement

  1. Offering the highest quality investment solutions
    • Solutions are tailor made to suit each individual investor
  2. Continually seek quality investment opportunities
    • To optimise our investment strategy
  3. Rigorously adhere to a demanding code of ethics
    • To protect investor’s asset & their confidence in us
  4. Capitalise in upturn & preserve in downturn
    • Via our investment strategy of flexible asset allocation
  5. Consistently outperforming
    • We strive hard to do better for our investors

People (Employee)

Focus on staff development & growing a pool of highly skilled professionals from investment, servicing & support.


Bringing to the table, a more diverse range of products & services, especially in the Asian fixed income space.


Delivering absolute returns over the mid to long-term.

Investment Philosophy

Manage your investment risks

We believe that one of the key successes to investing is to manage the investment risk – focusing on risk-adjusted return rather than chasing after return regardless of investment risks.

Value Investing

We do not believe in paying excessive prices, even for great companies.

Fundamentally driven

We believe there is a 100% correlation between the success of the company and the success of its share. We therefore focus on understanding and monitoring the key success factors of the companies that we invest in rather than on the short-term fluctuation of share prices.

Our Management

Our management team is comprised of highly dedicated and experienced professionals who possess a wide range of industry knowledge and expertise in the financial services sector. Our senior management comes from banks and top-tier international professional firms with extensive and successful experience multiple disciplinary knowledge diverse cultural and educational backgrounds specialized expertise excellent human management skill and above all outstanding work ethics. We have provided effective solutions to clients around the globe to grow protect and manage their wealth.

Frederick Braun

Chief Executive Officer

Pierre Leroy

Chief Operations Officer

Jasmir David

Chief Technology Officer

Glen Baker

Chief Marketing Officer