Our Product

Whether you are an individual or corporate investor, when you become a client of Instant Billions Global Cayman you open up a whole world of wealth management possibilities including access to a comprehensive and expert-led discretionary asset management service.

Discretionary Asset Management at Instant Billions Global Cayman

Using a Discretionary Portfolio Manager is all about freeing time for your wealth manager to focus on the important issues relevant to your individual investing needs  meaning you benefit from the specialist expertise of a professional whose job it is to research both your portfolio options and the relevant market conditions so that your assets and investments give you the best chance of reaching your goals.
At Instant Billions we believe that discretionary asset management is the best strategy for investors to be able to tap into emerging markets and investment opportunities as they arise.
Furthermore Instant Billions Global Cayman’s clients benefit from the reassurance of a continual point of contact for their Portfolio Manager so they can remain connected to the performance of their portfolio and monitor its effectiveness in terms of their overarching financial objectives.


Instant Billions Portfolio Managers provide a top-down service that enables clients to personalise their portfolios in line with their character and investment goals. Portfolios can be characterised in three fundamental ways: balanced  wealth-preservation-focused or more aggressively geared towards growth. What you choose will depend on your circumstances  cash flow needs  risk tolerance and other factors.